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1 change on Sat 17 Jan - 22:04

Recently I saw someone that two years ago was considered bad frequentation and now he claimed that he had changed...
Now I am wondering, can people really change??

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2 Re: change on Sun 18 Jan - 22:17

Salammm Queen of Tehran!
Hummm... in soale asooni nist.
It depens on the "somebody"! But you have to believe that's possible, if not it would be pessimism, but then at the same time believing that everything can turn into good is an exaggerated form of optimism.
Be nazaram... ye shans behesh bede... bad khodet tasmim begir ke aya vaghan avaz shod ya na! Albate movazebe khodet bash ke azaret nade ya goolesho nakhori.
In conclusion: boro bebinesh, be harfash goosh kon, bad khodet tasmim begir
Yadet nare ke ghadimitarin yar mitoone abe shirini bashe!
Moraghebe khodet bash dooste aziz!

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3 Re: change on Mon 19 Jan - 0:55

merci super joojoo! hata agar avalin dafe nist ke mige ke avaz shod behesh ye shanse dige midam...

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4 Re: change on Mon 19 Jan - 1:00

Khahesh Queen of tehran joon! Yadet nare behemoon khabar bedi ke belakhare adam shod ya na ;-)

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5 Re: change on Mon 26 Jan - 21:44

bashe hatman

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6 Re: change on Mon 26 Jan - 21:58

Khob... khodam javabamo midam : adamha avaz nemishan!!

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7 Re: change on Mon 26 Jan - 22:49

Vaaaa!!! Don't generalize you pessimist lol!!baziha faghat adam nemishan!
Kooh be adam nemirese, vali del be del rah dare ^_^ meditate on this jigar!

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