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Forooshandehaye roosari dar khiabanhaye Tehran

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Here are some pictures of sellers of scarves in Tehran!
Mesle inke beheshoon bad nemigzare Very Happy

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lol! So did this new commercial technique was successful?? Dar har soorat I would not hesitate one second to buy one from them (or several scarves;-))
Unfortunately I am not sure we can find sellers so "excited" by their job in France... what a shame!

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Yes indeed as motivated sellers don't grow on trees! shame!

I totally agree with you, me too I would buy a lot of scarves! Well hesitating
which ones to choose, I would ask them to try them all

Imagine: you go home and they ask you where you've spent your whole day. And you
reply "oh I just bought 2 scarves but before that I did make the sellers try them all!".

This summer I'm going to hunt to see if I can find them!

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lol!!! but can you only find them in Tehran?? or everywhere in Iran?

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hum... nemidoonam! It's an excellent question!! Vali be nazaram gheyre momkene ke faghat too Tehran mishe azin bache bahal/sheytoona peyda kard ;-)

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